Day care & puppy service

Our method

Taking a long day off or working overtime? Or just taking a break? Then use Lassie's Day Care.

We received increasingly more demands from customers to look after their dogs for a whole day or multiple days. That was the beginning of our Day Care services.

Day Care for dogs

If your dog needs more exercise or you just like the idea of us taking care of your dog for a whole day, then Lassie's Day Care is the ideal solution for you. We even have a playground for the dogs. This is a spacious piece of grassland from about 1600 m2, where the dogs can romp joyfully all day long. And we take them for walks too off course. Your dog being taken care of for a whole day, a great idea. Please contact us for the possibilities.

Puppy Service

Puppies need special care. Just one walk a day is not sufficient. You can't leave a puppy to stay at home for a long time yet. Especially for puppies it is important to get enough attention, exercise, opportunities to socialize with other dogs, potty training, food and education. These things will affect the rest of your dog's life. We provide sufficient moments of rest for the puppy. Contact us for the possibilities.

Day Care at Lassie's means:

  • Playing and romping with friends all day long.
  • Traveling along on our dog walks.
  • Your dog will be treated as part of the family during the stay.
  • The dogs don't stay in kennels or pens but stay in our homely environment.
  • This way the dogs won't notice the temporary absence of their owner.
  • They stay with trusted individuals with fifteen years of experience as a veterinary assistant.
  • Picking your dog up and taking your dog home are both possible.

Our Day Care services are for dogs only.


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