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When can your dog come with us?

The dog is expected to know the basics of obedience. The dog must be vaccinated against Weil's disease, parvovirus and against kennel cough and if necessary, treated against fleas and worms. Females can not travel with the group during the estrus period.

Rates as per January, 2018

We work with vouchers, valid for either 5 or 10 walks. If you use our service on a regular basis, vouchers will be cheaper.

Pricing dog walk service

Rates dog walk service Price at a time
Voucher for 10 walks € 120,00 € 12,00 per walk
Individual walks € 15,00 per walk

Pricing for Day Care & Dog Hotel

Pricing for Day Care & Dog Hotel Price at a time
Day Care on working days 1 dog € 17,50
Day Care 2 dogs € 30,00
Strip card for 10x day care 1 dog € 175,00
Strip card for 10x day care 2 dogs € 275,00

Pricing for day care on location

Pricing day care on location Price
On working days for 1 pet € 12,50
For every pet after that € 1,00
Saturdays, sundays and holidays € 15,50

Good to know:

  • The one-time registration fee €7,50
  • Every second dog and dog following at the same address and the same owner is a discount
  • Cancel must pass within 24 hours, otherwise the appointment is being charged
  • Payment is made in cash or by transfer NL 74 INGB 0009 6355 41

Our daily and holiday care are only for dogs.

Our dog walk service

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Our day care

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