Welcome to Team Lassie

DOG CARE FOR LANSINGERLAND, Hillegersberg and Schiebroek

Who We Are?

My name is Conny Lievaart and together with my daughter Chayenne we own and operate passionately Lassie Dog Walking and Day Care Service. We are love all our animals and after having Scottish Collies for 35 years we choose the name the Lassie name! Chayenne finished her school of higher general secondary education. She wants to expand our services with training and behavioral therapy for dogs. We have recently welcomed two Swiss Shepherds into our family as well!

After spending over 15 years working for veterinarian Vingerling in Berkel, officially graduating as a veterinarian assistant and receiving veterinarian Diploma, I decided to start my Dog Walking Service.

From my work experience I would see many times dogs misbehaving and it's often just the simple result of having to stay alone at home and not getting the proper exercise and social interaction! I have always enjoyed working with animals, both at work but also at home spending time with my own dogs and horses. Despite my knowledge and experience with dogs it has been an amazing challenge for me to start my own business, soon the responses came from dog owners and within a short time I have great group of "guest dogs" and a busy company.

Our services have been expanded with

  • Day Care and Puppy Service
  • Coaching
  • Pet care at home
  • Deliveries from JARCO dog and cat food
  • Mediation in holiday care

New location

Since March 2021 we can be found at our new location, Bunzingpad 3 in Bergschenhoek.

Playfield with shadow and pond.

Heated indoor accommodation.

In addition, we transport the dogs in ventilated vans with cameras.


18 years star service

Team Lassie already have 18 years experience with daycare, dog walking & experience as veterinary assistant.

1600 m2 ground

There is more than 1600 m2 of fenced pasture accommodation for day care & puppy Service

Satisfied klanten

Team Lassie has been a long and growing list of satisfied customers!

Pick up dogs

Too little time? We pick up dogs in Lansingerland, Hillegersberg and Schiebroek!

Team Lassie is for you!

Your dog is originated from a group of pack animals. Pack animals are used to living in groups. The dogs we know today are used to living with people. They have long since forgotton about the pecking order in groups.

Yet this is actually very important for your dog. Needless to say, it is very important for your dog to make contact with other dogs. By this we don't mean a fleeting contact when you go for a quick walk, but a more intensive contact with dogs of different grades and varieties. Our dog walking/daycare service will give your dog that opportunity. You will find that your dog will get along better with other dogs and because they will truly unleash their energy they will be more positive at home.

If Your Dog acts difficult at home they will gain to gain positive experiences towards better behavior

Your life and your Dog’s life will be more fulfilling since you won’t have to rush home from work every day to go for a walk with your dog or ask your neighbors’ for that either!

A dog needs exercise discipline and affection! Happy dog is a happy life!